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Comparable Listing Photos FAQ

Last Updated: Sep 05, 2018 11:08AM PDT

If you have questions about the photos within your reports, please have a look at the most common issues or questions below.

My report is missing some photos, what can I do?


If this issue should occur, we recommend trying to re-fetch your listings again.  This will send the request to the system, and it will fetch data that may have been missed on the first attempt.



Can I change the order of the photos for a listing in my report?


If you would like the photos to appear in your report in a different order, the order will need to be changed within the MLS itself.  Once this is done, the listing can be re-fetched into Cloud CMA with the new photo order.

Please be aware that the photo order will not reflect within Cloud CMA immediately.  Our systems will need some time to update the data before these changes can be displayed within the reports.



My report is not showing any of the listing photos!


Try re-fetching the listings in your report again & then republishing the report to see if this resolves the issue.


If it persists, please contact Customer Support for further assistance.

If you have any other photo questions, please feel free to contact Customer Support for further assistance, and we'll be glad to assist!
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