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Exporting Miami Association of REALTORS® Listings by CSV file and Importing Into Cloud CMA

Last Updated: May 03, 2018 12:00PM PDT

Attention Miami Association of Realtors Agents!  We have some exciting news!  Cloud CMA has included a new way to fetch listings into your CMA reports, just for your MLS!



Until now, the ways you could fetch listings were: 


- “Exactly what you want - By MLS Numbers”.


- “Quick and dirty - By Proximity”.


- If you subscribed to Cloud MLX, you could also search for comps in there, and then export them to Cloud CMA.



But now, you can “Import From File” - meaning, if you have a saved file with comparables in it, you can upload that file to import the listings!


Here’s how it works.


First, you want to create a CSV file to import into Cloud CMA.  Please see the following steps:


Once you’re in Matrix, conduct your search for homes the way you normally would, then click “Results”.






When you have the results of the search, check the boxes for the ones you want to keep as your comps for the report, and then click “Export”.






Choose the file format RE1RE2CMA Export and then click Export.  






This may take some time to complete, depending on how many comps you have chosen, and how many pictures are included for each comp.  Once the exportation has completed, it should save as a zipped file on your computer.



Now that you have a CSV file to import, please follow these steps:



- Access Cloud CMA and create a new CMA as you normally do, within the Cloud CMA site.






- Fill out the name of the client and the subject property information, as you normally would.  But now, you have the new option to import from file (#3).






- Click on “Choose File” to locate the file you want to import, and then click “Choose”.






- Once the file name shows up, click “Fetch Listings” as you normally would.







Voila!  On the Listings tab, you’ll see all of the listings that you imported, and Cloud CMA will automatically pick 10 that fit the subject property and select them, but you’re welcome to select others and unselect as you see fit!
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